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Calling all girls try outs to open for Galloway Travel Basketball.

November 1st and 2nd 6 15 to 730 for the 5/6 grade girls and November 8th and 9th . All try outs to be held at Roland Rogers school.  Try outs for 7th and 8 th grade girls will be held November 1st and 2nd  730 to 845 and November 8th and 9th same time at Roland Rogers school.  

Fall 3 - on 3 is Cancelled


- All 9th - 12th grade games will be played from 9am - 1pm
- All 4th -8th grade games will be played after 1pm

3 on 3 Tournament Rules


  • Up to four plays per team
  • 4-6, 7-8, and 9 -12 divisions
  • Boys and girls teams
  • Recreational and competitive leagues
  • Double elimination
  • Coaches are allowed for rotational instruction ONLY (more so on the younger age levels)


  • Games will go to a point total, but can be adjusted to a lower point total at approximately 20 minutes if no winner (this will be done by the tournament coordinator)
  • Three players from each team on the court at one time
  • Scoring 2’s and 3’s
  • No foul shots
  • If player gets fouled on shot and the basket is not made, they get the ball at the top of the key
  • If player gets fouled "normally" and the shot goes in, the basket counts and the other team gets the ball on the top of the key
  • “Losers out,” which means that the team who let up a scoring basket now gets the ball at the top of the key
  • After a defensive rebound the ball must be taken back to the three point line with at least one foot; even on an “air ball.” Exception to rule is if the shooter steals the ball before it is cleared, he/she may shoot again
  • One time out per team will be allowed
  • Good sportsmanship is expected by all players at all time


  • Teams must win by four points
  • If no team has won by four points, it goes to straight point total OR first team to win by four before the straight point total
    For example, if a game is played to 15 points and no team has reached that point total by a margin of four points, the first team to reach the straight point total of 20 wins the game.  Additionally, the first team to win by four points before the straight point total of 20 wins the game

·        4 - 6 Grade:  Play to 16; straight to 20
·        7 - 8 Grade:  Play to 20, straight to 24
·        9 - 12 Grade: Play to 24, straight to 30


·        Referee calls fouls, 2 or 3 point baskets, and any violation, such as traveling, double dribble, jump ball, as well as “taking ball back behind the three point line” infraction

·        In the case of an aggressive foul, the referee will issue a warning.  If another aggressive foul is committed, the referee can call a technical foul and the player is removed from the game.  The game can continue with less players on the team.  If the first foul is an obvious flagrant, the player is removed immediately

·        The tournament coordinator can adjust the point total to a lower amount if the game is long and no team has reached the points goal to win the game


·        First aid kits are provided

·        Should a player get a suspected concussion, they are removed from the game and referred back to their parent and or a medical provider

·        Should a player get an injury that is not severe, they are evaluated by the parent or guardian and a decision to continue playing is made by that person


Playoff Schedule
This week 5-6 Boys

Tuesday February 20 Reeds Road
Thursday, February 22 Reeds Road
6 P.m.
7 PM
Tuesday, February 27 Smithville school
6 PM 7 PM

Playoff Schedule
This week 3-4 Boys

Thursday, February 22 Arthur Rann
7 PM
Tuesday, February 27. Arthur Rann
6 PM
7 PM
Wednesday, February 28 Arthur Rann
6 PM
7 PM
Thursday, March 1 Arthur Rann
6 PM
7 PM

Playoff Schedule
This week 3-4 Girls

Monday, February 26 Roland Rogers
6 PM
7 PM

Playoff Schedule
This week 5-6 Girls

Wednesday, February 28 Roland Rogers
6 PM
7 PM



Galloway PAL Basketball is dedicated to the development of boys and girls basketball both in the Rec and Traveling programs.

We will work intensely at developing individual skills and team play, enabling each player to reach their full playing potential. Our goal is to develop players with a strong team attitude and a solid work ethic.

As coaches, our end result is not just wins but teaching the benefits of responsibility and dedication while better preparing our players for High School and beyond.

Galloway PAL basketball consists of multiple leagues.
1st & 2nd Grade Coed Clinic (non-competitive)
3-4 Grade Boys League (competitive)

5-6 Grade Boys League (competitive)

7-8 Grade Boys League (competitive)

High School League (competitive)

"When you give it your best effort, you may run out of time, but you will never lose a game, regardless of the score!"


1st & 2nd Grade Basketball Clinic

Below are the rules per each league.
galloway township pal 3rd and 4th rules.pdf
galloway township pal 5th and 6th rules.pdf 

Coaches, parents, and players...We do not tolerate arguing with referees. If you yell or argue with any of our referees or commissioners, the referees have the authority to remove you from the gym and bar you from future games! You are there to watch your children have fun, so just relax and enjoy the games!

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Kevin Kelly Vice President
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